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2011 Offseason Training Criteria

The foundation of a successful season is built during the offseason – the physical skills, mental skills, work ethic, and team chemistry required to be successful in the South Puget Sound League and in the state playoffs are developed long before the season ever starts. In order to reach and exceed the standards that previous Tahoma teams have set, a high level of commitment is required from Bear football players.

We have an expectation that football players at Tahoma High School will commit themselves to being successful during the offseason. Offseason training develops strength and conditioning that will carry players through the season, builds individual and team confidence, and plays a key role in developing team camaraderie and trust. No student at THS will be excluded from participation in the football program, but students who demonstrate commitment through their offseason work will have the best opportunities to compete at the varsity level.

• The goal for a varsity football player is to complete 70 or more workouts during the offseason (winter/spring/summer). There are over 100 scheduled workout opportunities and a variety of make-up opportunities. Player totals will be regularly updated and posted in the weight room and other locations.

• On school days, the THS weight room will be open after school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00 and supervised by a strength and conditioning coach. Start times for summer workouts will be set during the spring.

• Each player will have a sign-in sheet. When the player has successfully completed a workout, the weight room supervisor will sign off that he completed the workout.

• Players not in a winter or spring sport are expected to complete all workouts during that season. For example, if a player does not participate in a winter sport, he is expected to complete the workouts during that period.

• Players will be given credit for 14 workouts during the winter and spring for participating in a school sport.

• Alternate workout opportunities may include (but are not limited to):
o Workouts completed and signed off by a THS coach (for in-season athletes only)
o The THS weight room will be open on Saturdays at 10:00.
o The THS weight room will be open during holiday weeks at 10:00
o THS Weights class, signed by Ms. Hurt (only for in-season athletes). Must complete at least two of the three core lifts – bench, squat, or clean
o The TJH weight room will be open and supervised Wednesday 5:15-6:45 and Friday 2:45-4:15 during the school year. Summer hours will be posted on the FB web site.